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May 30
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DoubutsuOu: Kimura Chizuru by Sabviee DoubutsuOu: Kimura Chizuru by Sabviee

another group I'm really interested in because Yumimi tempted me /// A ////
Hope I get in ; v ;

Name: Chizuru, Kimura

Nickname: Chi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5'2"/ 41kg

Gang: ♕ The Cats


Analyst - Although Chi is not strong in terms of fighting, she can turn the tables around with her quick thinking.
Brave-  Not afraid to pack a punch, she'll undoubtedly try her best to help in fights
Loyal- She looks up to her gang members and treats them more than family than her biological ones.

Low stamina- Chi gets easily tired after swinging her bat consecutively. 
- Refuses to wear any eyeglasses or contacts thus having blurred vision. 
Phobia- Her number one fear is electricity; Lightnings, sparks.


She wields a baseball bat. Chi has never played the sport or plans to. It's just easy to carry around and it hits hard. 


As a child, she was really attached to her parents and was often babied. But as she grew older, she saw the world in a different way. She matured and became obedient to her elders. Chi mellowed from her spoiled self and began shaping up herself into a better figure. Some say she's sisterly and family oriented but some state that she does this to please her parents. Either ways, she tries to be nice and helpful in whatever situation that would occur to her. She grips hard to reality and sees things in a more arranged setting. Organized, she puts everything in order simply because she wants things done accordingly. 


+ Red Bean Pan
+ Cleaning
+ Apple Juice
+ Soft things
+ Cats

- Dogs
- Reading
- Electricity
- Marshmallows
- Dusts 


Her family owns a small company that keeps them satisfied and contented with life. Chi grew up sheltered from the world because her parent didn't want anything to happen to their only little girl. Growing up, she always wondered if her life would be boring as it is, shut behind closed doors. Her fascination of the city seemed to have grown stronger after a short trip to the city inside their car. From the corner of her eyes, she saw gang members walking about and was curious with whatever their activities was. But she wouldn't dare talk about it to her parents for they will only nag her out of it. A short time after, her mother's company was having a downfall and the only solution to keep it stable was for Chi to marry the son of their opposing company. Dreaded with the sudden news, Chi decided it's now or never to talk her parent out of it. Of course, they didn't seem to agree with her idea. After some long thinking, she decided it's her life and she can do whatever she wants with it. A sign of rebellion, she dyed her hair pink, wear the clothes she has always wanted and finally had her ears pierced. Unfortunately, her fiance didn't like her new makeover and closed the deal with her family which meant that the arranged marriage was called off. Though Chi rejoiced over what happened, her parents were enraged with her actions. They kicked her out the house and into the streets. Chi, having no where to go, went to the city to look for the gang people who she deeply admires. Having found one, she pleaded to be part of the gang and swore loyalty and hopes to be a worthy member. 


- She's closer to her father than her mother.
- A closet gamer, she dislikes it when people she knows watches her play.
- Likes sleeping while hugging her knees.
- Her only source of income is joining gaming tournaments and donations from fans.
- She has an online blog.
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